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PT. Tirtakreasi Amrita
PT. Tirtakreasi Amrita
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Name:Mr. Bp. Max Mulyadi Ibu Rinda [Marketing]
Phone Number:Phone number of Mr. Bp. Max Mulyadi Ibu Rinda at Jakarta
Fax Number:Fax number of Mr. Bp. Max Mulyadi Ibu Rinda at Jakarta
Address:JL.RC Veteran 11-A Bintaro - Jakarta
Jakarta 12330, Jakarta
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Registration Date:Jan. 06, 2010
Last Updated:Jan. 08, 2010
Business Nature:Service of Environment category

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We are a water and wastewater treatment specialist.

Employing a number of water and wastewater experts and senior engineers with extensive experience in their field, we have installed over 140 treatment plants mainly on turnkey basis, from Sabang to Merauke, and outside Indonesia ( Srilanka, Nepal, Vietnam and Nigeria ) .

Our built treatment plants range from drinking water, sewage treatment, to complex industrial effluent treatment plant for various industries.
We are also able to supply clean, potable or process water with the requested quality from our own built treatment plant. This BOO ( built, own and operate) concept will give a lot of benefits to the customers and enable them to concentrate in their main business and lower their investment cost.

Our concept of integrated waste management with zero discharge will reduce Greenhouse Gas ( GHG) and enable our client to generate Certified Emission Reductions ( CERs) . The Clean Development Mechanism ( CDM) in developing countries such as Indonesia, Brazil, China, India etc, which aims to reduce carbon emission, will help the industries in industrial countries ( EU, Japan, Canada etc) to fulfill their carbon limit with buying CERs from developing countries.
Based on Kyoto Protocol ( 1990) the industrial countries can take credit of CERs from developing countries issued by the Executive Board. Therefore CERs will be traded from developing to industrial countries.

With the slogan Let the Specialist Do Their Job !
We hope to satisfy and service our loyal and valuable customer !

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